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Post  ships-cat on Wed Oct 13, 2010 5:43 am

Hello there, and welcome to the Fireants.

We are an independant alliance, working for the benefit of each other so that we can all enjoy the game.

We are not a "totalitarian state", and allow each member to develop in their own style and manner.

Obviously, as an alliance, we DO have some rules.. otherwise there would be no point in having an alliance in the first place.

In essence, these are;

  • All members must strive to move into our secure Enclave area, or one of our other "hot spots". The alliance can't help you if you are hundreds of squares away.
  • All members should log in at least once per day. If this is not possible, they should inform their sitter. (for example, if going on holiday or something)
  • All members should strive to defend themselves, and not let enemy players/alliances "farm" their resoures. We all get caught by suprise from time to time, but we can't tolerate casual resource loss. After all, those resources could be used to build troops that might then attack another alliance member. The alliance will always help a member to fend off attacks, either with advise on defensive techniques, or simply with direct military/resource assistance.
  • All members should have at least one sitter. (and we would encourage you to sit for at least one other member). Many people don't like the idea of having a sitter. However, the sitters would NEVER interfere, unless you are attacked whillst away, at which point they would help co-ordinate an alliance defence of your village. They also help (by prior agreement) if you are on holiday.
  • All members must be willing to assist with troops and resources (usually wheat) when another alliance member is attacked. At the same time, no alliance member will be expected to put their OWN safety at risk in doing so.
  • All members must register with our forum; we use this a lot to co-ordinate stuff like defenses, attacks, and so forth.

Any questions ? Just use the "any questions" forum area above, or message myself or any of the leadership (or members).

Look forwards to hearing from you.

Ships Cat
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